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002: Home and Belonging with Phoebe Lovatt


“I don’t know if I would have grown into who I am without travel.”

In today’s episode we sit down with Phoebe Lovatt, journalist, author and founder of the WW Club. As the daughter of two nomadic writers, being a writer and world traveller herself must come as no surprise. Born and raised in London, Phoebe spent much of her teenage years visiting her parents between Paris and Miami and For most of her 20s she’s been living in the US both in La and then New York.

“Travelling and living in different places has been so informative for the way that I think and write, and the kind of things that I write about.”

"I think it's tempting to seek out the hipster coffee shop where you can get your almond milk latte or whatever - but in a way that makes me feel slightly disconnected to a place whereas when you go to a market, you know where you are.”

I went round to Phoebe’s apartment to talk about the concept of home and belonging. Sometimes a life on the go isn’t as glamorous as it seems and Phoebe shares her advice on staying present as you move through the world, how to manage your of expectations and the importance of finding community wherever you are.

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