A Postcard from Jess Finesse


"Think about how your existence will affect others at this time. Be innovative. There is purpose in the midst of problems."

All the way from Lagos, this postcard, courtesy of creative and local, Jess Finesse” Chibueze, shares her insight to life at home and the global crisis.

How are you right now?

Physically? I'm well.

Mentally? Very drained.

Emotionally? Super overwhelmed.

How are you feeling about the COVID-19 pandemic?

With the plethora of information being thrown at us with limited ways to fact-check, I've been feeling very confused and dissatisfied. I don't believe we are being told the truth on a lot of these COVID-19 issues. I've decided to take mini breaks off social media and filter the digital platforms I would normally patronize in order to give my brain a rest.

How have you seen this affect your community?

As of today, Nigeria has around 200 confirmed cases. As I stated earlier, I don't trust my country's reporting. I 100% believe there are both symptomatic and asymptotic people who may have contacted the virus and traveled into the country without being detected. Because of these perceived low numbers, many people are still working and living freely, making it seem like my immediate communities aren't being affected.

The global communities I'm connected to via the internet on the other hand, are going through it. Seeing entire countries shut down is crazy... but understandable. I'm sympathetic towards people in high-risk nations. I have no doubt in my mind that Nigeria can easily turn into a high-risk country at any moment, so I'm preparing for that.

Have you seen any silver linings from this experience?

This has been the first pandemic that has directly affected the lives of myself and the people I know and work with. Because COVID-19 is no longer an isolated disease, the ignorance that panic and public health crises normally cause in the communities they affect is no longer isolated. The lack of kindness, compassion, and empathy in humanity is being exposed simultaneously. Call me naive or an idealist, but seeing all this happen at the same time via social media is taking a toll on me.

Reading the stories of people and private enterprises providing assistance to their communities in the midst of all this chaos has been keeping me positive and reminding me to stay empathetic at all times. I've been using this time able to self-reflect and make sure that when times of fear come, I'll continue to "treat others that way I'd want to be treated".

What are your top five essentials in isolation?

1. Working electricity & internet (a Nigerian essential)

2. WhatsApp

3. Netflix & Youtube

4. A journal

5. A high-quality bluetooth speaker

What is your message to our global community?

Think about how your existence will affect others at this time. Be innovative. There is purpose in the midst of problems. Continue to create sustainable and motivating content and also remember, now is the perfect time to rest.

Listen below to be transported to the streets of Lagos with this carefully curated Spotify playlist by young Nigerian artist, Deto Black.


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