A Postcard from London


"London is such a mix of cultures and backgrounds; this also means that the creativity coming out of this city is unmatched."

This postcard comes close to home for us, in our native London, from respected photographer, Vicky Grout - a friendly face on the music scene. Read through for her take on London's creative scene and the best coming out the city right now.

How are you doing?

I’m doing very well thank you (despite these mad times). Just taking each day as it comes, shooting some personal projects and reading a lot.

How would you describe your city in three words?

Hectic, lively, diverse.

Are there any exciting things coming out of your community right now?

Some really exciting artists coming out of London right now include Rasharn Powell, Sasha Keable, Chi Virgo, KISH!, Rachel Chinouriri.

Your favourite things about London?

Firstly, I love how diverse London is, and as a direct result of this it is also a lot more liberal than the rest of the country (London independence, anyone?). Because London is such a mix of cultures and backgrounds, this also means that the creativity coming out of this city is unmatched.

Who’s are some ones to watch right now?

Ojerime, she’s an artist from South London who’s just released an album. She’s sick!

Where’s your favourite food spot/bar?

Eat of Eden, a vegan Caribbean spot in Brixton Village, or Burger & Lobster, if I’m feeling boujie.

Your favourite neighbourhood and why?

I love Brixton, I spent a lot of time there growing up and lived there for a few years until recently (I had to move further out due to rent costs). The area is changing and is sadly getting more and more gentrified (RIP Brixton Arches), but it still remains both a cultural, musical, and creative hub.

What’s everyone in your city talking about right now?

At the moment everyone is talking about NS10V10 (No Signal Radio).

Any local phrases from your city/area that we should know?

General terms that seem to confuse anyone not from the UK: “calm”, “pattern”, “bare”, “pagan”.

Where are you looking forward to going when we can all travel again? Why?

I really love (and miss) Barcelona, I really just want to be somewhere warm but also coastal, and also where I can practice my Spanish! Also Marrakech, I love that city so much.

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