A Postcard from Seattle


"Times are tough, but the city remains resilient. We as a city are leaning into our discomfort, asking ourselves what we (inclusive of everyone) stand for as a city... Seattle can, and will be better."

This postcard takes you to Seattle, courtesy of close community member and master of side hustles, Leland Sutton. Read through to learn about what's going on in the city, including how his community is reacting to the worldwide BLM protests.

How are you doing?

Given the circumstances, I’m doing alright, others have it a lot worse. I try to keep myself grounded with that sort of context. The last few months have been a huge adjustment for all of us, but I am determined to take this time to reflect, strategize, and come out even stronger.

How would you describe Seattle in three words?

A hidden gem.

Are there any exciting things coming out of your community right now?

Yes! The community is what drives me. Between the pandemic, followed by the wake of George Floyd’s death, our community has demanded change from local government, as well as from ourselves. We will not go back to “normal” because our normal was a flawed system for many people in our own city. Over recent weeks, we have become increasingly organized, highlighting the power of our community and our ability to help one another. Lots of people are taking the time to create right now, and/or finding ways to support the movements going on.

A friend of mine worked on a project called Seattle Restaurants United, a coalition of 200+ local restaurants that are advocating for support for small businesses. Another friend of mine, Rafael, has been leveraging Zoom to expand the reach/accessibility of his mag’s Community Center talks. Actually, they’re launching one in June with one of my most talented friends, Shu - highly recommend tuning in.

What are your favourite things about Seattle?

Seattle is the perfect sized city; it feels like a big, small city, if that makes sense. Since, usually I'm living in New York these days (when we’re not in a global pandemic), coming home to Seattle always feels like a much needed hard reset. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to.

Who’s one to watch right now?

Nikkita Oliver - she’s amazing. I'm grateful to have her as a member of our community. Easily one of the most intelligent and passionate people I’ve had the pleasure of hearing speak. She is a Seattle native that has done (and continues to do) considerable work to organize, educate, and improve our local communities, especially the BIPOC community.

Where’s your favourite food spot or bar?

Ristorante Machiavelli. I’ve been ordering from there at least twice a week since the quarantine started - the food is amazing and the staff are like my family. Going there to eat is the closest I’ll ever have to an Italian grandmother.

What's your favourite neighbourhood and why?

I’m very biased, but I’ll always say Queen Anne Hill. I grew up and lived there my entire life before moving to New York. It’s quiet, centrally located, and has the best views of the city on all sides. I’ve always got the home field advantage when I’m on QA.

What’s everyone in Seattle talking about right now?

If you’ve seen the news, you probably know things are tense. There is a huge movement to defund the Seattle Police Department and reallocate funds towards community-based organizations. Times are tough, but the city remains resilient. We as a city are leaning into our discomfort, asking ourselves what we (inclusive of everyone) stand for as a city, and are demanding that our elected officials take action to help solidify those changes. Seattle can, and will be better.

Any local phrases that we should know?

I think Seattle’s “lingo” is pretty standard.

Where are you looking forward to going when we can all travel again? Why?

I’m really looking to spend some time in South America. I speak pretty good Spanish, and it’s a part of the world I’ve always wanted to go to. I’ll probably go to the Patagonia and stay there forever haha.

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