Travel Diary by Kesang Ball

Celebrating Popcaan’s Album Release in Kingston


Street photographer, Mister Bryce captures Popcaan's album release in Kingston, in doing so he can celebrate the drop forever.

Why do you travel?

Travel is culture and culture is wealth. The ability to travel to destinations that you’ve only seen in books or films is really empowering. It’s only when we step away from our place of comfort and explore the the other, that we can celebrate our unique differences and similarities.

What’s the best thing you’ve brought back from a trip?

Memories. I’m way too nostalgic for my own good but some of the best times I’ve had in my life have been abroad. I’m a real Londoner so you won’t really catch me going for long forest walks or at the lake but I’ve hiked mountains in Jamaica and taken motorbike rides across the Sahara desert which keeps me smiling.

What brought you to Kingston, JA?

The reasoning behind the trip was to organise and broadcast the celebrations for Popcaan’s new album ‘Forever’which was also the first Boiler Room session in Jamaica. We set out to create an authentic street dance in Kingston with dancers, crews with lit aerosol spray cans and the most exciting crowd possible.

Best way to stay trippin in the city?

Kingston is a bustling tropical metropolis, so find a trusted local guide and go exploring the various street parties which happen on an almost daily basis from around midnight. The city is surrounded by garrisons which are basically ghettos and these are where the best street parties happen. If you’re brave enough to enter and your guide is connected get them to take you to one.

Anyone you met who left a lasting impression? Just like Reggae before it, Dancehall has infiltrated almost every aspect of daily life in Jamaica, from slang to dress. If you like Dancehall culture and want to check out what up and coming in the city you should connect with @promokingja. He’s my go to guy when I wanna see why pree in JA.

What’s next for you?

Most of my trips are spontaneous, so I never really know where I’ll be way in advance. But I can definitely say that it won’t be drinking cocktails in Dubai. I’m more of an explorer and have a real fascination with how the African diaspora live off the continent.

What’s a ‘track that makes you feel like taking trips’ for our Spotify playlist?

Popcaan – Foreign Love

Bless up Mister Bryce!


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