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Ede Dugdale Trippin in Orgiva


Name: Ede Dugdale

Passions: LIFE! Culture, travel, photography, sociology, music, styling, sneakers, NYC in the 80s…

Trippin in: Orgiva

What does travel mean to you?

Travel means freedom. It gives me the ability to escape and explore a new place and culture. I find it so inspiring, I could walk around with a camera all day and night. I love to go to low key places, places I don’t have a lot of knowledge about, I leave with a completely new perspective. Travel also means people. All I want to do is travel the world and meet new people and fully experience new ways of life and in turn document these to others. Travelling offers endless opportunity to see something new EVERY single day.

How have your trips changed you as a person?

Travel has made me more confident. Each time I go away I feel more confident in meeting people. It’s opened my eyes to society within different cultures and offered me new ideas and inspirations for my work. Travel makes you more aware as a person. I find beauty in the mundane and love to capture it all.

Whats the vibe in Origiva?

Origiva is a special place to me. My parents recently moved there after travelling around the world for a year or so. They fell in love with it there. The first time I went I had little to no expectations, other than knowing it was located in the Spanish mountains. However, as soon as I arrived I saw why they’d fallen for the place. It’s so peaceful and free. Every person there feels as if they’re almost running from something and I got the impression that everyone had a story to tell, a feeling that is hugely inspiring for a photographer. There is a special sense of unity and community within its residents. Aesthetically it’s beautiful, it has that unique Spanish feel to the streets that you will find in other places, like Barcelona, but without the tainting of city business and tourism. It’s surrounded by unbelievable views, and you really do feel like you are in a bubble there, within these crazy mountains.

What are you drawn to most when taking photos?

I’m drawn to anything with character, whether that is a person or a setting. I just get a feeling that I need to take a picture, whatever that may be, and I can’t just walk past or walk away from it. It’s about always having my eyes open and not being scared to take a picture of anything. It’s important to have a connection to what you are shooting. It’s even more important to connect with the people that you’re shooting, take the time to build an actual relationship with them instead of simply taking their picture. Style wise I vision how everything will look in print, this helps me when finding angles and perspectives to shoot from. A building looks different from every angle and it is about taking the time to find the best way to capture it.

What’s in your camera collection?

I normally shoot on a Minolta Dynax 505si, a Canon EOS 500 & a Olympus Mju – all 35mm.

Thanks Ede!


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