Event by Joycelyn Longdon

Femme Fatale Travels To Pikes Ibiza

Traversing the famed pink tennis court at Pikes, Ibiza we arrived at the site. Formerly the hotel’s Wellness Dome, the venue had been transformed into a haven of ink. Hidden behind a scattering of plants and some well needed fans, we could see a team of beautiful, tattooed femmes hard at work - the Femme Fatale crew were present. Renowned not only for the incredible art produced but for constantly pushing boundaries, the girls took over the iconic location, armed with their kits and a slew of custom flash designed exclusively for the pop-up.

The face behind the elusive Femme Fatale Studio is Grace Neutral who, apart from creating stunning Hand-Poke Tattoos, is also a presenter and model. Heavily influenced by geometry, flora and fauna and psilocybin, Grace’s work shot onto the radar after her documentary ‘Beyond Beauty’ with i-D magazine. For Grace, the takeover was a no brainer, “Pikes has so much cool history, it was an offer I couldn’t pass up.”

Pikes is an integral cultural institution in Ibiza, deep rooted in history, being established in the late 1970s by the late Tony Pike and is now co-owned by the co-founders of the Ibiza Rocks brand, Dawn Hindle and Andy Mckay. Historically, Pikes has been a playground for the music and film elite with regular guests including artists such as Grace Jones, Tony Curtis and Spandau Ballet.

Despite this, the hotel's cultural programme ensures its relevance today by providing a platform for some of the world's most progressive creatives, such as Femme Fatale. The energy that radiates off the place is probably the most intoxicating thing about Pikes”, Grace notes, reflecting on the most interesting thing about the famed venue. As well as the iconic pink tennis court and the famous pool the likes of Geroge Michael and Freddie Mercury have dipped a toe or two into.”

The Femme Fatale crew are not just a studio, they’re a family and for Grace, “it was honestly one of the best trips I have had in a long while - travelling with my Femme family is always a pleasure, never a chore and the fact it was all fresh for all of us was the cherry on the top.” Travelling and tattooing has played an integral part of Grace's growth as a technical tattooer as well as inspiring her creativity and taking it to new levels.

As a true cultural hub of the island, Pikes continues to push creative boundaries and the Femme Fatale Tattoo Takeover was yet another example of this.

Photos: @sam.blenk


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