Journeying Inwards: A Poem by Wilson Oryema


Our short series Journeying Inwards asks members of the community to share a particular journey of theirs which gave them a sense of community, hope or resilience. In part three, Wilson Oryema, shares a poem for the Trippin Community.

Journeying Inwards

Sometimes I forget where I’m from

Sometimes I forget if i belong


With someone

Somehow falling deeper into solitude

with every day that passes

every morsel of food i chew

and every hourly bulletin from the news

It’s easy to lose yourself in a cycle of bad news

as well as your connection to others

as our fears take centre stage in the panic

Practicing pragmatism over thoughts more dogmatic

What makes sense

Who can you talk to

While trapped in a glass box in the sky

With no hole in the floor to escape through

Or a dazzling assistant you can misdirect to

Over a million options

One only needs to pick two

I sat with the moments which gave birth to gratitude

The places i’ve been

The people I’ve seen

Those who have taken me as family through all my flaws and just accept me

The second was to reach out to those I’ve mentioned

Maybe a phone call or texting

As together

We can weather all storms

And bear the pressure of any tension

Photography: Steph Wilson


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