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Trippin's New Year Travel Resolutions


As this year wraps up, we've decided to put together our travel resolutions for 2022. While travel and exploration has not exactly been an option for many of us over the past few years, we have taken this pause from flights and airports to reflect on the travel industry as a whole and rethink how we would like to go about travel in the new year.

'22 is about exploring the world, touching new cultures and communities and discovering more about yourself - all done with a social and eco conscious attitude. Enjoying yourself and having a good time can co-exist with slow travel, fostering meaningful connections and exploring environments in an environmentally-conscious way. Through the tips and suggestions we've listed below, it is clear that travel can become more thoughtful for all of us as travellers if we pay a little more into our actions and choices.

Ditching flying in favour of savouring the journey on overland adventures will be an excellent way to reduce our carbon footprints in 2022. Sustainable intentions will be helped along by the rail renaissance sweeping across Europe. Austrian operator Nightjet plans several new overnight trains to Scandinavia and across Central Europe, and tour operators like Byway are taking the hassle out of flight-free trips.

Slow Travel isn’t just about getting from A to B but also about how we experience and interact with a destination. Whether playing digital nomad, travelling for work or on holiday, in 2022, we’ll be looking to immerse ourselves fully in community and culture rather than hopping around from place to place merely skimming the surface.

Positive impact travel means supporting systemic change rather than defaulting to traditional models of handouts and philanthropy. In 2022, we’ll be seeking experiences and supporting businesses that provide long-term solutions to social inequality and injustice through ethical employment, social enterprise, or community ownership.

COP26 highlighted that nature is our greatest ally in combating the climate crisis, but it’s desperately under threat. Travel has an enormous potential to deepen our connection with nature, and 2022 will see the rise in nature-led experiences, whether rewilding on our doorsteps, exploring indigenous beliefs, or funding the protection of species further afield.

In 2020, the UNWTO reported that only $5 in every $100 spent by tourists in the developing world stays in the destination. The rest leaks out of the country via international brands and businesses. As travellers wise up to this problem, eager to spend their holiday pennies where it’s needed most, we’ll all be following the money to make sure we buy local, experience local, and fund local, too.

Covid-19 and the climate crisis are accentuating inequality world worldover. So in 2022, it will be more critical than ever to demand inclusivity, representation and shake up outdated narratives across all industries and brands. Travel is no exception.


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