A Postcard from August Wahh


"We all need each other right now, more than ever."

Over the next few months, we'll be collecting postcards from across the globe from our community, in pursuit of strengthening our bonds, staying informed and connected. To shed light on how the world is responding to the pandemic, we'll be going straight to the locals to hear their stories. Our first delivery comes from Filipino singer & songwriter, August Wahh, who gives us the lowdown on the situation in Manila.

How are you feeling about the pandemic?

It's all kinda crazy to be honest. The whole world is affected with no known cure yet.

How have you seen this affect your community?

Metro Manila is on lock down and we've got an 8PM to 5AM curfew implemented by our president. I don't mind staying in if it helps to contain this pandemic, but workers and homeless people have it the worst right now. Several cities are quarantined (meaning you can't go in or out of the city unless you have a work permit that states you work in a different city). So around the time workers end their shifts, everyone's scurrying to go home before curfew only to find out that they all have to line up and answer to the military that has to check work permits one by one; there's no way all these people will be home in time. To make it worse, people that are out of their homes past curfew can be arrested. The homeless don't even have homes to go home to. It's all just sad and chaotic.

Have you seen any silver linings from this experience?

Definitely. We still don't know much about this virus except that mortality rate is so low and a lot of people that contracted it have recovered. At this point, it's all about helping each other out by keeping healthy, staying in and if sick, please self-quarantine.

What are your top five essentials in isolation?

Food and water

Music/recording gear

Notebook and pen

Yoga mat for exercise


What is your message to our global community?

We all need each other right now, more than ever. Take care of yourself by staying healthy, being clean and staying in for now, which will help everyone.


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