with adidas Originals by Sam Blenkinsopp

Pusha T Trippin in Barcelona

“Hip Hop culture is so global now… you can’t be one-sided, you have to know how to navigate the world”

Someone who has stuck to his guns, unswayed by fads, Pusha T remains an essential player in the modern fabric of Hip Hop. In this lo-fi documentary commissioned by adidas Originals, we linked up with the rap icon in Barcelona for the 18th annual of now globally renowned Primavera Sound Festival.

In this film the rap icon explores Barcelona in the build-up to his performance whilst touching on the power of travel and the influence it has had on him as he maintains his status in the game.

The film touches on the power of travel to transform and evolve. Pusha T explores Barcelona in the build up to his performance in the Spanish city as he discusses how journey, literal and mentally informs the artist you are in that moment.

“Travelling has definitely broadened my horizons, it has helped me to see and take in other perspectives and be open to other ways of life in every aspect.”

Pusha T is the epitome of an artist who has consistently reinvented himself yet stayed true to where he’s from. His reinvention is represented in the film with the feature of adidas Originals’ latest silhouette, which takes its cue from radically reinventing styles past.

The Pusha T and OZWEEGO link up was born out of the ethos that reinvention is about more than the surface level. It’s about digging deeper to create bold new ideas, pushing the envelope and challenging yourself to raise the bar.

adidas Originals OZWEEGO releases globally June 22nd

Director: Will Robson-Scott

Producer: Gloria Bowman

Executive Producer: Sarah Pearson

Director Of Photography: Deepa Keshvala

Sound Recordist: Ollie Drummond

Editor: Matt Kitchin

Colourist: Jack McGinty @ Cheat

Sound Designer: James Preston

Composer: Mkulu Lee

Production company: Somesuch

Project Director: Sam Blenkinsopp

Creative Director: Yasmin Shahmir


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