Article by Bonnie Workman

Pxssy Palace take over London's Old St Station


Last week, Old Street station welcomed London-based collective and community Pxssy Palace, as they opened the doors to their pop up store.

Pxssy Palace are known across London for providing marginalised communities with a safer space to party, connect and grow with one another. Their nights act as an inclusive space for womxn, non-binary and trans folk of colour to dance the night away, and in doing so are redefining the values of what club culture should be like – intentional, respectful and fucking fun.

If you’re not familiar with the monthly party, now hosted at The Garage in North London, it is often accompanied by a theme, encouraging attendees to arrive in expressive and iconic outfits. On arrival, guests, dripping with sass and confidence, can walk the red carpet while being cheered on for the winning crown.


Last week they opened their pop up store where you could purchase their merchandise – a selection of pastel coloured hoodies and tees, all with unique and empowering designs, including the PP logo or colourful illustrations by @hanecdote. The best thing, however, is the customisation station, where you can add embellishment to your purchases, including your own personal pronouns, or phrases such as “consent is key” and “C.E.HOE” – not to mention the glitter gems.

This space was not just to sell the long-awaited PP merch either. It also functioned as a space where all were welcome to go chill out, use the fitted community library and get head messages from Aisha - a trauma-informed Indian head masseuse.


We sat down with Nadine, one of the founders of Pxssy Palace, to get a bit more insight into the pop up .

Why did you decide to set up the space?

We teamed up with @pingbig, who are an online creative marketplace. You can design t-shirts or things for your brand or individual purposes, or just browse other people’s designs they’ve made and buy them! They wanted to do a pop-up for a week in Old Street and we 100% wanted to get involved. We think it’s really important to have that face to face contact with our community that’s not just in a club environment, so I’m really glad we got to do that. We wanted it to be a bit more than just a selling space which is why we have the community library.

Tell us a bit more about the community library? What can people learn?

We thought of that idea from the sanctuary, which is an area within the club, which we originally set up for Lovebox festival, where womxn, non-binary and trans people can have a place to chill during the festival, and read a book or a magazine or zine created by members of our community. I think it’s really good to go and sit and have somewhere to chill while being surrounded by supportive people. Also teach yourself new things, or learn about some cool artists who are making really amazing stuff. People can really learn anything, we’ve got Gal-Dem in there, Consented, Black Fly zine, which is about sexual health within queer and trans people of colour communities. We’ve also got Third magazine, a fashion magazine. There’s so much there to digest.

The Pxssy Palace merch has been long awaited! Now it’s finally here, tell us the creative process behind the designs. Why is it important to customise the merchandise?

The Pxssy Palace merch is very long awaited. The creative process behind the designs was a lot of back and forth, we first teamed up with @hanecdote, who made up these cute designs, but we also wanted to let people customise their own. We’ve got the heat press in there, and the glue fabric gems! Individuality is really important to us, and we want people to come and create, and also vibe with each other on that level as well!


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