004: Amplifying the Voices of Refugees through Storytelling, with Jaz O’Hara


"I think this current time has shown us that comforts can be taken away. Those things can change and they are out of our control, so keep questioning them - keep a questioning mind.”

Episode 004 of the Trippin Podcast brings incredible conversation from a truly inspirational woman, named Jaz O'Hara. Jaz is a refugee activist and the founder of 'The Worldwide Tribe', which provides a diverse range of support for refugees: from technology to art therapy to coordinating food, shelter and rescue programs on the ground. Along with this, 'The Worldwide Tribe Podcast' champions the stories of real people on the front lines across all borders. Using creativity, storytelling and community, Jaz is growing both awareness and a movement in response to the refugee crisis.

We hope this candid conversation will open your minds and hearts and provide some options for how we can all play a part in making the world a more compassionate and empathetic place.

"I think a lot of people are ready to hear a different narrative, people want to help, if you give them something to do."

In this raw conversation, Jaz talks about everything: from personal experiences to how she deals with the everyday noise and information overload. Listen in on her advice on how to navigate these tricky waters.

“Continue to ask questions and be curious when it comes to believing everything that we read. Don't take all of these constructs and structures that we’re so used to and so comfortable with for granted."

"Now that that freedom and that ability to travel so freely has been taken away from us globally, there will be a shift in people’s mindsets and more empathy towards those who haven’t had that ability, ever."

Listen to “The Power of Storytelling with Refugee Activist, Jaz O'Hara” on the Trippin Podcast channel via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Mixcloud.


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