Rural Festival is set to return to the mountains of Niigata's ski resort haven, Yuzawa. It’s located at Naeba Greenland, which was formerly a home to festivals like Fuji Rock and The Labyrinth until 2021.

Rural is a wild embrace of community and the great outdoors. Attendees ditch the typical festival routine for river dips, campfire camaraderie, BBQ bliss and tent-dotted landscapes. The music lays the groundwork, but the real magic happens when artists infuse the space with their installations.

Loyalty Flowers and Mitsurin Tokyo, masters of floral art pieces, elevated last year's edition. Meanwhile, Mirrorbowler, a squad of creatives spanning graphic gurus to plant artists, orchestrated an otherworldly installation of disco balls casting kaleidoscopic shapes across the scenery.

Rural Festival

That’s not to say the music takes a back foot either, with last year’s chapter featuring a roster of well-loved acts within the global underground scene alongside revered east and southeast Asian selectors, such as Wata Igarishi and Chee Shimizu.

Rural Festival has, across 15 years, become a destination where the art speaks, and ravers can immerse themselves in a spectrum of sounds alongside the communal gatherings that form each year in Yuzawa.


For U25 tickets, please present a valid photo ID (copies not accepted) at the entrance. If you cannot present it, you will be required to pay the difference (11,000 yen) from the day's fee (23,000 yen) at the entrance.


The event takes place over the same three-day weekend every year, coinciding with the national holiday Marine Day

Weather & Accomodation

While there are hotel and hostel accommodations nearby, attendees can also opt to camp onsite. Although camping out in the mid-summer heat may seem like a challenging endeavor, the nearby Asagai River prevents attendees from overheating and provides relief from the high temperatures that can exceed 35 degrees Celsius.

Dates are yet to be announced.

Rural Festival
Rural Festival
Rural Festival