006: Building a Modern Utopian Paradise in Mexico with Andrés​ Saavedra


"We need to focus locally, where we are and what we can do with what’s around, it’s time to go back to basics..."

Episode 006 looks at how stories can be told through the use of space. Born on farmland on the outskirts of Mexico City, Andrés grew up around his grandparents who had a deep relationship with the land around them. It was there he was first introduced to permaculture, a philosophy of working with nature as opposed to against it, in order to create more sustainable ways of living. As an adolescent Andrés pursued the visual arts, rebelling against the urge to follow his father’s footsteps as an architect, but as it turns out, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Although he now finds himself in the world of Architecture and Design, Andrés prefers the term ‘storyteller’, his medium of telling stories? Spaces. From homes, hotels, restaurants and even point breaks, he strives to build the perfect settings for great experiences to occur.

This conversation was recorded on location at the coordinates of his current project, Musa, an untouched stretch of jungle meets coastline along the Pacific Ocean where he plans to build both a dream destination and live-able community powered by adventure, creativity, tradition and connection to the natural world.

"I think we need to be more connected to the environment and be really aware of everything that we’re doing that can be for good or for bad... Be thoughtful towards the people that are around you: how can you help, what can you do, how can you make a difference?"

Listen to “Building a Modern Utopian Paradise in Mexico with Andrés Saavedra” here.

Images by: @loverlover.us

Drone shots by: @fragot

Mural by: @hella_haifa


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