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Talking Inclusive DJ Workshops and UNIT 26 with Berlin Collective, NO SHADE


NO SHADE is a femme, non-binary and trans music collective challenging the structures of the music scene in Berlin and with their successful club night series and DJ training programmes, they have become a force to be reckoned with.

We swung by UNIT 26, situated in the Neukölln district of Berlin to meet up with NO SHADE and find out more about how their varying cultures and heritages influence what they do and how they play. UNIT 26 acts as communal haven for the collective and their community and provides them the space in which to learn new skills, hang out or just jam with their laptops.

"These types of spaces can be missing in a city like Berlin, especially if you don't have friends with a big house or studio. If people wanna come and do an exhibition, a pop up, or a tattoo, the space is free. Unit 26 is for people without that sort of space. They can come work here, they know everyone will be cool and there's gonna be good tunes on."

For NO SHADE, Berlin has been the perfect location for exchanging music, finding and providing influence and creating a community. The ever evolving city has united people from all corners of the globe, creating a vibrant underground community that bubbles away behind the scenes. NO SHADE is an authentic extension of this, crediting their overall sound aesthetic to the various backgrounds of all those a part of the collective.

Surrounded by an intensely creative energy and atmosphere as we entered the space, we got a chance to sit down and chat to some of the NO SHADE members, Sara, Carmel, Sibel and Folly Ghost and got a little intro to who they are and how they found themselves to be a part of such an amazing community.

"So hey I'm Sara, I'm from Portugal and I moved to Berlin like 4 years ago. I joined NO SHADE like 1 year ago."

"My name is Carmel I was one of the co-founders of NO SHADE. I'm originally from Estonia, but I've lived in Berlin for the last three years."

"Hi, my name is Sibel. I'm originally from Singapore and I moved to Berlin about 2 years ago, and I joined NO SHADE a year and a half ago."

"A-hoy! I'm Folly Ghost, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I came to Berlin about 1 year and a half and joined the NO SHADE fam in the beginning of 2019."

The crew has such a diverse mix of individuals and we only got to meet a handful of the whole team, Carmel gave us more insight into the other integral members of the NO SHADE community who were missing...

"So many people - well Linnéa is not here, she is also one of the co-founders. Kim is one of the original ones, Lele lives in Rotterdam right now, then Kikelomo from London, she's at work right now. Then Jas from London and Clarisse is a Berliner. They were the first people to join NO SHADE through the mentoring programme. And Foresta, she's from Turkey. There's another Brazilian, Perigga."

NO SHADE operates on the vision of assisting in the training and promotion of female, non-binary and trans DJs and they really come through on their mission by reserving two slots on each NO SHADE party line-up for members of the programme.

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