Purposeful Travel

The Future of Travel Report

2020 is the year we learned that our freedom to explore the world - even our local neighbourhoods and communities​ - can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

The Future of Travel is our new research report, conducted in partnership with University College London (UCL) and an expert panel of creative travellers from our community, which explores what the future of travel looks like through an intersectional lens.

The report delves into how the young creative traveller’s mindset has changed over the period of this year; exploring the nuances of purposeful travel, offering industry insights and actionable steps for how to travel more responsibly, sustainably and purposefully, and how brands can react accordingly to these varied and evolved travellers. We also explore what the experience of COVID-19 has created for young creative travellers and if and how this has redefined their ideas surrounding purposeful travel.



CONTRIBUTING EDITORS - Sam Blenkinsopp, Sasha Kluvitse, Sophia Macpherson, Thea Gausen

WRITERS - Kesang Ball, Sophia Macpherson

LEAD RESEARCHER - Sasha Kluvitse

ASSISTANT RESEARCHERS - Eileen Willie-Pepple, Sophia Macpherson, Tenzin Ball

DESIGNER - Indiana Lawrence

SPECIAL THANKS TO - Richard Pettinger & students on the 'UCL MSIN0155: Society, Technology and Behaviour' course, & Safa Amirbayat


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