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Slowthai, Buddy, Brockhampton and Kasien share their Wildest Travel Stories

Vicky Grout

Travelling the world can lead to some of the best tales to tell when sat around the dinner table but when you add touring into the mix... the stories get even wilder.

Trippin OG and leading documentarian of London’s music scene Vicky Grout, caught up with Slowthai, Buddy, Kasien and Brockhampton last weekend at LOVEBOX festival to find out their maddest travel stories.


"I got so many crazy stories man... but just last night we was in the studio with Wizkid smoking dope and then the fire alarm went off for like 30 minutes. Fire trucks pulled up, there was like 15 fire fighters who pulled up thinking it was a fire. We was like nah, that shit was wild."


"I basically used a bookey guy to book my flights so I could get them for cheap...

It ended up that the airline basically said I couldn’t get onto the flight, so I managed to get another flight to the next flight to try get the connecting flight. They said I couldn’t get there, so I ended up stranded in Dusseldorf for 24 hours. I slept under a bench (it had the barriers so you couldn't lie down)... so I slept under bench in Dusseldorf.

I had to pay my whole booking fee on getting home. The reason I used that guy was to save money. So in the end, everything I had earned (which was the most money i'd got from a show) I ended up on spending on getting home."


"I found out I was going to Japan the day before I went (for PNF). I was going to perform they literally told me on the Wednesday, you got to leave tomorrow. So I went and got on a flight. I had never been to Japan before, I got there.. landed... everything was cool. I obviously hadn’t checked my luggage cos I just packed really quickly and I know how Japan are with weed and shit. When I got there, they were like “yo you have to go for a screening”.

I’m like fine… I went for the screening, I’m smiling at them and they’re going through my shit and they find some weed in one of my pockets!

And literally I’m supposed to be performing that night, it’s my first time in the country. Ended up begging them, got a translator saying… "I don’t even know what that is…. I didn’t pack my bag."

They finally let me through, got to the hotel just in time, went straight on to stage, killed it and left 2 days after. But yeah maddest travel memory and that was just in February"


“My craziest travel memory, is kinda a privileged one. It was when were able to record at Abbey Road studios in London for almost a month straight... nah 10 days. That was the last album we did.”

Photography by Vicky Grout


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