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Travel Essentials with Some of London's Finest

For some of our London community, the trippin lifestyle can be one where you dip in and out of a country in a matter of days... sometimes even hours. When all you have is your passport and carry on, packing smart is packing light.

We catch up with Munroe Bergdorf, AJ Tracey, Vicky Grout, Flohio, Amelia Dimz, Miraa May and J2K to see what they’re packing this summer and what travel essentials are forming the basis of their trip away.

Activist & model: Munroe Bergdorf

Beauty essentials can be a make or break thing in your trip. You need to think about the climate of the place you're going to so if you're going somewhere humid you need to pack something that retains frizz and something that doesn't make your skin so oily.

If you're not thinking about whether or not you're going to be comfortable then it's going to affect your ability to feel good and everyone wants to feel good on their holiday. That's why I pack:

West London rapper: AJ Tracey

Photographer: Vicky Grout

Rapper: Flohio

Presenter & chicken connoisseur: Amelia Dimz

Musician: Miraa May

Musician: Frank Carter

Rapper & Entrepreneur: J2K


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