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EDWIN x TRIPPIN's Limited Edition Capsule Collection

Following on from the SOLD OUT first release with Edwin in 2020, this summer, we took to the streets of Accra with our friends at Surf Ghana to celebrate the launch of our Capsule Collection.

The EDWIN x Trippin Capsule Collection has been a long time in the making and drops this Thursday July 8, on the Trippin online shop -- get your drip while you still can. All profits from the capsule collection are going towards skate and surf collective, Surf Ghana.

EDWIN x Trippin Connecting Cultures Tee

The collection celebrates the connecting and exchange of culture at a time when physical separation has been at an all time high. This idea is shown in the collection garms which include the Denim Jacket (in Deep Blue Denim), the Military Bomber Liner, Manoeuvre Pant (both in Martini Olive), Military Liner Light (in Light Grey), the Balder Pant (in White) and the collaborative Tee.

The Tee features a bright colour palette of blues and greens, with the artwork created by designer and illustrator James Lacey.

Each piece, designed by both brands, dons Trippin's iconic globe motif and the brand name EDWIN, written in Japanese lettering. The international feel of the collab is continued with the campaign shots being taken and modelled by local creatives in Surf Ghana's community in Accra Ghana.

Sally Alibo of Surf Ghana wearing the collaborative Tee and Manoeuvre Pant

The capsule collection champions quality and craftsmanship and was produced by EDWIN -- a Japanese heritage company known as one of the country's oldest denim manufacturers.

The brand has recently become known in the fashion world, though, for its fusion of highly-tailored military-style pieces with sportswear silhouettes and earthy colour palettes. This is carried on through in their EDWIN x Trippin Capsule Collection. The fabric used is lightweight and breathable, perfect to flex all summer, whether you're at the skatepark or out all night at a motive.

Surf Ghana collective wearing the EDWIN x Trippin Denim Jacket

The campaign, photographed by local creatives in Surf Ghana's community, brings you into the heart of Accra and shows the country’s flourishing skateboarding scene.

The local collective there has made it their goal to disrupt traditionally accepted narratives around skateboarding, namely the idea that it's a Westerner sport. Surf Ghana's founder, Sally Alibo (@rooky_rider), wants to open up skateboarding and surfing to the youth of Ghana as a way to empower the population and to create new ways of bringing people together.

"With Surf Ghana, we tried not to create an ordinary NGO. We’ve tried to make sure that the collective is proud of the project. So for that, we created a new process which is to involve all the skateboarders and surfers as active members from the collective. Everyone is responsible for a task as a mission. This is why they’re all proud to be part of it," said the founder, Sally to us.

"[The volunteers] get to create and develop activities even projects that make them grow and I think maybe the different between us and other NGOs is that historically they’ve wanted to just help, help, help, but now it’s time for Africa to be independent. I feel like with this project, they are taking control back. They have the power to change the narrative and also control how they want to grow."

When speaking about the EDWIN x Trippin collab, Sally expressed, "to be honest, I am really honoured to make this collaboration. Our mission was to really develop skateboarding and surfing in Ghana and now international brands want to work with us, and that's really beautiful. I feel like, even then, they don't consider that we are just an NGO. They feel like we are a movement that can really empower the youth.

Making this collaboration also highlights African skateboarders and this project will help improve Black representation. We are proud to get that opportunity."

EDWIN x Trippin Military Bomber Liner

You can shop the Trippin x EDWIN collection here.

All profits from this capsule collection go towards Surf Ghana and will be put into empowering the creative youth in Ghana.

Collaborative Tee and Denim Jacket
Collaborative Tee and Denim Jacket

Surf Ghana Collective

Patrick Arinzechukwu
Harmonie Bataka
Sandy Alibo



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