Greetings From by Hena Sharma

Introducing 'Greetings From' -- Our Newest TikTok and IG Reels Series

Summer is just getting started and lockdowns are easing up around the world as vaccinations become more widespread. There’s perhaps no better time, then, for some fresh inspiration to get your travel bug ready and buzzing.

Trippin presents Greetings From, our new TikTok and Instagram Reels series, which gives you a deep dive into the cultural lifestyles of countries around the world. Filmed by our talented community members, these snippet videos are created by locals and global travellers who showcase the parts of their home countries or holiday destinations that they travel most.

Filled with valuable insider perspective, Greetings From shows everything from natural landscapes to party culture and local food. It kicks off with DJ and Creative Director Izzy Loso's video who lives in Jamaica. Trippin' co-founder, Sam Blenkinsopp, in his Greetings From explored the vibrant Mexico City. Other videos from the series come from music manager Rania Malek who shows us Morocco, photographer Ali Arrowsmith in Uganda and Stylajam Skate Crew who are based in Soweto, South Africa.

Watch to get the ultimate holiday inspiration for your next adventure, perhaps you'll discover a few hidden gems and add some countries to your travel bucket-list that you’ve never considered before.

Greetings From Jamaica with Izzy Bossy
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