Festive Season

Trippin's Travel Essentials for 2022

After two or so years of limited-to-no travel, setting foot in new and unfamiliar locations can feel like a lifetime ago. We’re stepping into the new year fully vaxxed with high hopes for travel; in a bid to make those hopes a reality we have compiled a list of our ultimate travel essentials, cosigned by Team Trippin.

From headphones that tune out both the hum of an aeroplane engine and the howl of a baby, to environmentally conscious luggage, our edit is packed with small luxuries and totally free gifts to be enjoyed at home or abroad. It’s time to get back into the swing of travel the Trippin way.

1. Lagos Island Bottoms

WAFFLESNCREAM is Nigeria’s first skateboarding company, and serves as its first hub for skate culture and extreme sports in the West African region. It was founded in 2012 with the aim to grow the culture of skateboarding within Nigeria.

On top of being a skate hub, WAFFLESNCREAM makes clothing which incorporates African textiles and prints. We love these traditional Ankara trousers from the shop site which bring colour and flair to the winter season.

2. MIJ Masks

Created and curated by close friend of Trippin, Maya Jaya, these masks are made to be used on any occasion, whether your skin is needing some extra hydration on a flight or if you just want to have a night in with friends. The face masks and MIJ eye patches are vegan and a key ingredient is Bio-Cellulose. Made from the fermentation of coconut water it is rich in essential amino acids and holds serum, more moisture and more radiance for your skin. They’re the perfect travel companion on a long-haul flight or sleeper train.

3. Horizn ‘Circle One’ Suitcase & Top Case

Pack in eco conscious style with Horizon’s latest sustainably made suitcase. The Circle One hard shell is made from 100% renewable materials, alongside a charging bank designed into the suitcase. For our community under 30, Horizon apply their ‘Next Generation’ discount of 30%.

We also recommend purchasing the Horizon ‘Top Case’ which is designed to fit perfectly on top of your suitcase. Boarding a flight can be a stressful experience when you're making sure you have everything you need for the hours ahead. This solves a lot of your problems, you can store your passport and all inflight essentials in one easily accessible place, without having to dive in and out of your luggage.

The Circle One
The Circle One
Horizon ‘Top Case’
Horizon ‘Top Case’

4. Pocket Size Sketch Book / Journal

There are many ways to document a place, without having to whip out your smartphone and get distracted by a sea of emails or Instagram posts. An illustrated travel journal is a wonderful alternative way to capture the story of your adventures in both words and pictures, in a memory which will stay with you forever. Sketch anything that catches your eye: textures and architecture, street scenes, the world is your oyster.

5. Trippin's Roots & Rituals Podcast (free!)

The festive period is often economically demanding and there can sometimes be a pressure to show how much you care for someone through the act of buying gifts. We wanted to throw in one of our favourite podcast series onto this wellness and self-care list -- it's perfect to show your friends who are interested in learning about different cultures and their spiritual practices. Roots & Rituals, hosted by Yasmin Shahmir, takes you on an immersive audio experience bringing your deeper into the various spiritual practices, rituals and ceremonies from a global perspective.

6. ear (1) black edition

Listen on sound cancellation to Roots and Rituals with London-based tech startup Nothing's latest earphones, the ear (1) black edition. Complete with three hybrid mics, the Nothing ear (1) measure sound between the earbuds and your ear canals, as well as surrounding noise beyond your ears, perfect for inflight cruising. This technology prevents you from turning up the volume on your earbuds to the point of damaging your ears.

7. Sanitising Lavender Wipes - 30 ct

Travelling through heavily populated public spaces like airports can induce anxiety for those travelling for the first time. Public Good’s lavender-scented sanitising wipes are 99.9% effective against most common germs and are a smart, easy, and safe way to sanitise your hands when soap isn’t available.

8. Book recommendation: ‘AFROSURF’

This is a favourite by the Trippin team, it’s a book that pushes you to think beyond traditional ideas of surfing. It goes into the history of the sport and its deep rooted connection to Africa. The images and layout are stunning and visual -- a perfect way to appreciate the untold African link to surfing, which is a sport not commonly associated with the continent. This book refreshingly changes and challenges that narrative. Read Afrosurf and get endlessly inspired, maybe even give it a try yourself in 2022!

9. Bantu Wax

Bantu Wax is a fashion brand that creates clothing and swimwear with "surfers, nomads and afro-punks in mind." Completely inspired by African fabric, patterns and young designers, the brand makes colourful beachwear that artfully represents the creativity coming from the continent. Based in Dakar, Senegal, Yodit Eklund’s surf brand exists as a concept store on the West Coast of Africa. Their surf and swim gear would make the perfect gift for your friends that love spending time in water and waves to wind down.

10. Margent Farm Miracle Oil ‘Field Salve’

A miracle we can attest to, created by the hemp revolutionaries Margent Farm. Their signature Field Salve is packed with super nourishing, skin-soothing nutrients like Vitamin E oil and CBD, all grown on their regenerative farm in rural Cambridgeshire. The antidote to sad winter skin, we could all do with some Miracle Oil.

11. Camera Strap by nöl Collective

nöl collective is a women-led fashion brand based in Palestine that uses deadstock material and traditional fabrics to create garments. As outlined on the brand's website, the military occupation of Palestine has caused Palestinians, including Palestinian creatives, to be isolated from one another. nöl collective aims to "forge an intricate network" of artisans from around Palestine, bringing them together once again. Treat yourself or your friends to anything from this great collective that champions women-led businesses, sustainable design practices and the bringing together of people under military-occupation.

We suggest their camera strap, created by Palestinian-American and Ramallah based, Sarab. Straps by Sarab is a Fair Trade Business using traditional Palestinian fabric to create yoga and bag straps, made by the Women’s Association Program inside the Amari Refugee Camp.

12. Aesop Ginger Flight Therapy

Consisting of Ginger Root, Lavender, Geranium, this calming product can be used on the neck, temples, wrists, behind the ears and abdomen in times of stress, nausea or weariness. Have a friend that has flight anxiety? This could help calm their nerves and help raise their vibrations when air-bound.


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