Wekafore's Home Guide


"Set a mental and physical goal for yourself everyday, keep it minor, we have a lot of time."

Location: Barcelona

In our principal 'Home Guide' series, we link up with designer, Wekafore, to see how he's keeping active and creative at home, as the world goes into isolation. Scroll for his quarantine tips and thoughts on this uncertain time.

How has COVID-19 affected your local community?

We are a very tight knit community and this is like white noise, we can barely hear each other. I know everyone is in touch and in good spirit but makes you think how communities in the past were destroyed without this social media thing.

How would you describe your hometown right now?

My hometown is Lagos but I live in Barcelona right now. From what I hear, it hasn't gotten as serious as it is here in Europe and I hope it never does because we don't have the adequate organisations to handle this level of a pandemic.

What are you cooking/ordering in most?

I stocked up on unripe plantains before quarantine and they ripen as the days get longer, so fried plantains are almost always present in my meals. And a lot of lentils. I only order the weed.

What are some good books & films that help you escape?

I haven't been reading but I've been writing quite a lot, and for films I've been watching every semi-apocalyptic flick I can find: Contagion, World War Z, I Am Legend, Castlevania etc.

Favourite podcast, album or mix?

Joe Budden Podcast is the perfect senseless I need. My favourite album right now is Solpor by Baiuca.

Tips on keeping up your fitness & mental wellness?

Set a mental and physical goal for yourself everyday, keep it minor, we have a lot of time. I owe myself a hundred push ups and 100 words every day. We need this to keep our discipline and work ethic warm during these times.

Where are you looking forward to travelling to after this is all over?

Algarve, Portugal.

One thing you’d like to achieve whilst in isolation?



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