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Your submission proposal should be no more than 300 words and explain with clarity what you would love to do that fits within any of the relevant formats Trippin accommodates (guides, features, soundscapes, mix etc.) At this moment in time we are encouraging proposals for travel diaries and insights into cultural scenes within your respective city.

Please go through our current list of features and content to ensure that your story hasn’t already been shared by a like minded member of the community. This is also helpful to figure out how you can separate and make your submission special.

In keeping with our values please ensure that your proposal maintains a travel narrative within it. Recommending the best places to go, lessons you have learnt whilst travelling, your favourite experiences abroad and the subcultures within your local city that you think need spotlighting are just a few ways you can tie in the theme of travel within your proposal.

We receive an influx of submissions every day, but once you have submitted your proposal we will aim to get back to you within 5 working days. We have experienced members of team who will either provide constructive feedback, other ways you can get involved with the Trippin community or specific knowledge to help you develop your article.

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