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Berlin's Alternative Community Spaces with EINHUNDERT

"Berlin has always been pretty heavy into electronic music, but people like other stuff as well, so we asked ourselves: why don't we combine all our influences and celebrate them together in one place."

Trippin x New Era presents My City, My New Era, a series of films that offer a unique insight into the streets and subcultures of London, Paris and Berlin through the eyes of our local creative community.

For our second part of the series we touch down in Berlin with DJ and creative collective Einhundert, who takes us around the creative spaces that have supported them.

“There’s a lot of talent in this city,” he says, explaining that this partly due to the inclusive, experimental spaces that give a home to that talent. Visiting studios and galleries, Adomako pays homage to the people and places that make 100EINHUNDERT.


Einhundert started as a DJ and creative collective and has grown to become more of a platform and community.

"What makes Einhundert special is that we're pretty diverse. All of us have different backgrounds, come from all walks of life. But at the end of the day, it's a group of friends combining different interests to make things happen together. We throw parties and events as well as concerts, exhibitions and radio pop ups."

HVW8 Gallery

"HVW8 is a pretty important place to us. This is where we held our first exhibition four or five years ago. Since then, we’ve worked on a couple of different projects with them - HVW8 is family.

The Berlin gallery has been home to a number of events and exhibitions for the scene. Sitting between high art and whatever is going on in the underground, HVW8 has become a community hub for us."


"BEINGHUNTED. is a gallery space, owned by streetwear OG Jörg, him and his space are ananchor point to almost every Berlin creative. Jörg is always down to open up his space to young creatives for exhibitions etc. He‘s actually become a sort of mentor to us."

"Community spaces are really important, especially now, especially in a city like Berlin that’s constantly evolving. That’s the clubs, galleries, people’s apartments, wherever you can meet and create a space. It’s also important to have a spot to hang out at, exchange ideas, just get away from the daily grind."


Nico Adomako

Ryan "Low.Vision" Pfeiffer

Christian "Ticklish" Graumann


Tsellot Melesse

Jörg Haas / Beinghunted

False Witness

HVW8 Gallery



Produced by Trippin & 100einhundert

Director: Nikki Powell

Edit: Toby Heard

DOP: Hee-Song Han

2nd Camera: Amra Novak

Additional material: Low.Vision, Nico Adomako, Flo Hettenbach

Sound: Marlon Beatt

Photography: Nikki Powell

Styling: Ryan Pfeiffer

Translation: Flo Hettenbach

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