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Devine Blacksher on Sugar Hill Creamery and the Taste of Harlem

Devine Blacksher on Sugar Hill Creamery


We’ve partnered with Squarespace to highlight the businesses that are changing the cultural fabric of four key cities: from London to New York via Paris and Berlin. Here, we have Devine Blacksher on her favourite cultural spaces in New York.

Devine Blacksher is a journalist who, through her work, aims to uplift the Black community. As a journalist and editor, she’s written for a plethora of high-profile New York-based titles, such as The Strategist, and worked at The Cut as an Associate Fashion Editor. She’s currently the Senior Fashion Editor at Essence and aside from her editorial roles, she works across nature and community-focused projects. She’s the co-founder of the initiative To Many More, which curates experiences for communities of colour, and she’s also a guide for Hike Clerb – an intersectional women’s outdoors club centring BIPOC. For Blacksher, location and community play a large role in what she does.

Devine Blacksher Recommends New York’s Sugar Hill Creamery
Devine Blacksher Recommends New York’s Sugar Hill Creamery

For Blacksher, New York City runs on community; a city where you can lean on supportive groups in times of sadness and joy. It’s an exciting time to be in New York, Blacksher points out, as there’s a wide spectrum of independent and grassroots initiatives launching in the city. “A lot of people are seeking spaces,” she says, “whether new or old that are niche.”

She adds: “I think it’s great how Squarespace can provide businesses with the resources they need to build a website that aligns with their brand's narrative. Having access to good design and software allows independent brands to stand out and to get as creative as possible with their design process.”

Devine Blacksher Recommends New York’s Sugar Hill Creamery

Advising travellers and seasoned New Yorkers alike to take the bus instead of the subway, this mode of transport will allow you to see more of the city, she says. “I’d describe my city,” she muses, “as a thriving creative scene to explore by borough.”

In her travel guide, she selects a range of independent businesses you should support, and her top pick is Sugar Hill Creamery. “I love the fusion of community and food Sugar Hill Creamery offers,” she explains. “The story behind the brand and the stories being told at each location provide you with more context about the community you’re living in.

Devine Blacksher Recommends New York’s Sugar Hill Creamery

She elaborates, “It’s truly one of a kind for Harlem. The owners and the real mint in the mint ice cream make Sugar Hill Creamery magic! I'd describe the magic as the soulful taste of Harlem, one scoop at a time.”

Check out her full guide here.
Devine Blacksher Recommends New York’s Sugar Hill Creamery