How to Help Morocco: Fundraisers by Locals and the Diaspora

    Morocco Earthquake Resources Funds Relief


    We’ve spoken to locals on the ground, who’ve highlighted the fundraisers distributing support and aid to those in need.

    On Friday (8 September) a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco, killing over 2,012 people and injuring at least 2,059.

    We’ve been speaking to locals on the ground, who’ve highlighted how you can help support those in need in the North African country.

    “People need medications that are finished here. Some things are not available anymore because they've been giving it to people who have diabetes, who are dying from lack of insulin,” local producer Rania Malek tells us.

    “Tents, tents, tents,” she emphasises. “People need tents because they don’t know how much time it’s going to take to rebuild or reconstruct. Mothers are outside, old people are outside. They need to protect themselves from the heat and the cold that’s coming.”

    “Some people are going to be living on the roads. They need something to be protected and to protect the kids. It gets very cold in those areas and the mountains.”

    She adds, "They can't afford tents here. I think it costs €110 per tent."

    Below is a list of donation pages and fundraisers organised by locals and the Moroccan diaspora. We will continue to update this list. If you know of any fundraisers, charities or donation pages that you think we should include, please drop us a message at

    Donation Pages


    An organisation connecting volunteers with opportunities to help within their communities.

    Morocco World News’ GoFundMe

    A donation page organised by an English-language online newspaper operating in the Morocco and MENA region.

    A GoFundMe for AEM Marrakech and The CHAMS Association

    Donations will go towards relief efforts organised by non-profit organisation AEM Marrakech and The CHAMS Association, which provides support for people with mental health problems and their families.

    A GoFundMe organised by licensed mountain guides in southern Morocco

    The Association des Guides et Accompagnateurs de L'Anti-Atlas (aka The Association of Tour Guides of the Anti-Atlas) are deploying themselves to the Taroudant region to donate their time and skills to the hardest hit remote mountain villages.

    Banque Alimentaire

    A non-profit, charitable food bank.

    SOS Villages D’enfants

    A page taking donations to help support children without families in Morocco.

    A GoFundMe working with CARE International Maroc and SOS Villages d'Enfants Morocco

    SOS Villages d'Enfants Morocco has also been distributing the funds from this GoFundMe page to those in need. The rest of the campaign will be helmed by CARE International Maroc, who are deploying an emergency programme. The aim is to provide immediate help and support, including temporary shelter and accommodation, emergency food and health kits, and a listening unit.

    Arts and Culture

    Print sale for Morocco

    A print sale taking place from 11-17 September, organised by French-Moroccan photographer Ilyes Griyeb. All funds go to Rif Tribes Foundation.

    Boiler Room x SomniiCultr

    Boiler Room have teamed up with SomniiCultr to sell a Marrakesh t-shirt supporting the communities and families affected by this devastating earthquake. Profits will go to Human Appeal's Morocco Emergency Fund which will deliver crucial relief (food, water, medical supplies) to save lives on the ground. Available to buy until 17 September. Enter MOROCCO at the checkout for free worldwide shipping.

    We would like to thank our local community on the ground for sharing these resources. Special thanks to Malek, Rania and Yazid.