How to Support Protestors in Iran: A List of Organisations and Petitions

    How to Support Protestors in Iran: A List of Organisations and Petitions


    Last week (11 November), UN experts shared a statement urging the Iranian government to stop using the death penalty as a punishment for participation in a peaceful protest:

    “We urge Iranian authorities to stop using the death penalty,” the experts said, “as a tool to squash protests and reiterate our call to immediately release all protesters who have been arbitrarily deprived of their liberty for the sole reason of exercising their legitimate rights to freedom of opinion and expression, association and peaceful assembly and for their actions to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms through peaceful means.”

    On Sunday, a court in Iran issued its first known death penalty sentence to a protestor linked to “riots”. The court stated that the defendant was guilty of “enmity against God”.

    Below, we’ve compiled a list of resources to help support protestors and political prisoners in Iran. This list includes links to charities and organisations, petitions and accounts documenting the protests during Iran’s internet blackout. This list will continue to be updated. If you have any suggestions, please reach out to us on


    Center for Human Rights in Iran

    A non-profit organisation working to protect and promote human rights in Iran.

    United for Iran

    A global community supporting civic activists and improving civil liberties in Iran.

    The Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran

    This center is documenting cases of human rights abuse in Iran. You can help them in their work by donating here.

    Amnesty International

    Amnesty is investigating “the unlawful use of teargas, water cannons, and beatings with batons to disperse protesters”. You can support their investigation by donating here.

    Accounts to follow

    from: Iran

    An Instagram account documenting the unheard voices of Iran.

    Middle East Matters

    A non-profit youth-led organisation amplifying voices in the Middle East. Its second account contains up-to-date information on rallies around the world, organised to show solidarity with protestors in Iran and its political prisoners.


    Global Citizen

    A petition urging people to show solidarity with the protests in Iran.

    UK Petition

    A petition urging the UK government to maintain sanctions and to introduce a visa ban on those linked to the Iranian regime.

    Middle East Matters

    A petition by MEM, calling for Iran to stop using the death penalty against protestors.

    Iranians for Justice and Human Rights

    A petition demanding the “release of all prisoners of conscience in Iran”.

    Woman, Life, Freedom

    Woman, Life, Freedom has shared an open letter “urging UN member states to heed the call of Iranian women and remove the Islamic Republic of Iran from the commission on the status of women”. You can sign the letter here. petition

    This petition on is asking “the international community of free and Democratic countries, United Nations and human rights organisations to hold the Islamic republic accountable for these occurrences of systematic torture, abuse, murders and brutal suppression of peaceful protestors”.