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Introducing Origins: A Series Tracing the History of Global Trends and Subcultures

    Megan Thee Stallion Nails
    via @theestallion/Instagram


    We’ve launched a new online series, called Origins, with our creative agency and sister company, All Corners.

    Since its inception, All Corners has operated in stealth mode whilst working with some of the world's largest brands – from Versace to Hennessy, and Dr. Martens to Nike. Now, the creative agency is marking its introduction to the world with the new series Origins.

    From social-first videos to articles, Origins dives into the history of pop culture trends and subcultures around the world. Is there really a sex recession? Where did the boom in 3D nail art come from? Dropping weekly, each episode will focus on a trend that you've likely already heard of, zooming in on its roots and origin story.

    The first episode examines how red nails became a symbol of power and sex appeal in Egypt, to how certain aesthetics were popularised by the Black community. The second instalment, which launched yesterday (8 May), discusses Gen Z's alleged sex recession, and three sex-enhancing rituals from around the world. You can watch both episodes below.

    Head to All Corners' Instagram page to stay up to date with the series, and check out its website to learn more about the agency.