Lebanese Restaurant Cedar Is Our Munch of the Week

    Cedar London Lebanese Restaurant South Wimbledon
    © Kake


    Based in South Wimbledon, this award-winning Lebanese restaurant is our highlight.

    For our latest Munch of the Week, we're spotlighting the Lebanese eatery Cedar. Based in South Wimbledon, this independent, family-run business excels in combining together the elements of what creates a standout restaurant: attentive staff, generous portions, good value for food and a delicious menu.

    The formula works and it's earned the restaurant an accolade at the 2019 Independent Takeaway Awards. The family behind the business have, altogether, 24 years of experience in cooking authentic Lebanese recipes between them.

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    Cedar has caught the attention of Irish-Lebanese artist Bklava too, who recommends the spot in her guide to Lebanese restaurants in London. "Not only does it have the best and most authentic Lebanese food, but I hold it close to my heart," she says, "because it’s where my family and I would always go out to eat when I was growing up and even to this day!"

    She adds, "One of my Teta’s favourites too. My Teta always cooked the best Lebanese/Armenian food so I always trusted her judgement on this one being authentic.”

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