Off-The-Beaten Track in Mexico: Zihuatanejo


A couple years ago, Trippin took its first team trip to the shores of Zihuatanejo, joining forces with LOOT for 'A Day in Paradise'.

In the 1960s, psychologist, Timothy Leary, set up a psychedelic training centre and community in Zihua, making it known to the world as an 'LSD Paradise'. Nowadays, this is only half true; paradise still reigns but you won't find any group LSD sessions (well, none that we know of). Through meeting locals and immersing ourselves in its vibrant community, we documented and created a short film around the magic of Zihua. Now it's even called home by one of Trippin’s co-founders half of the year around.

Trippin teamed up with LOOT for “A Day In Paradise"; a film looking to encourage travellers to explore the lesser-known beauties. In traversing this town through the eyes of the people who call it home, it takes us back to the real reason we even travel - to connect. Visiting Zihua was a conscious choice by the team to safari down a road less travelled and avoid over-populated tourist destinations. Looking further than the obvious destinations to drive a more socially responsible approach to travelling by helping smaller local economies and reducing pressure on bigger tourist spots. It also helped that Zihua had an impressive line-up of gloriously wild beaches.

Take a break from your daily grind and allow us to take you on a trip to Mexico's Pacific Coast…

Team Love

Director & Editor: Will Reid

DOP & Drone Master: Ed Reid

Producers: Yasmin Shahmir & Poppy Ashton

Executive Producer: Sam Blenkinsopp

Music Supervisor: Yasmin Shahmir

Colourist: Philip Hambi @ MPC

Sound Mix: Daniel Trachtenberg

Special Thanks: Andres Saavedra, Tara Medina, Rascha Jelks & Loot


Kiran Kai – Mintarika
Bassti – Time
Invention – Xpkt
Quickly Quickly – Droptop