Rediscovering London in the GRECA


"Queer party culture is where I find the most respect between people, the most appreciation for individuality and the best taste in party music."

In partnership with our friends at VERSACE, we head to London to celebrate the launch of their new sneakers; The Greca.

While global travel is on pause, we linked up with music manager Max Kaspar and his friends Jahale and Joel, to experience the beauty on their doorstep. Adopting a local mindset they re-discover London and become travellers in their own city.

We sat down with Max to chat about his love for London’s culture, it’s evolving queer scene and the importance of balancing nature with the dance. We also touched on the importance of travel and how it has influenced his creative endeavours.

What are your fave spots in London and why?

Grow, the Cause and Fold were my favourite places to go out in London before Covid. Queer party culture is where I find the most respect between people, the most appreciation for individuality and the best taste in party music. Besides that I love going into nature to rebalance. Hampstead Heath during the week is the quickest escape from the city.

You’re a music and production manager, how important is fashion to the artists you represent?

Fashion just like music tells a story, if done well it projects the artists personality or creates a feeling within the audience.

You're shot alongside your best friends Joel + Jahale, how did you guys meet and how would you describe your bond?

We met in Berghain in Berlin. After moving to London they’ve become family. They know me better than I’d like to admit.

You’re one of the first people to wear the new Greca sneakers, what did you think of them?

I like them, I’d rough up the white ones a little though and wear the black ones in all black.

How would you describe your personal style?

HipHop, mixed with Berlin Techno, some punk and sometimes mid century classy.

What's most important to you when picking a destination to travel to?

Getting to know a culture that is different to the ones I know and knowing people there so I don’t experience the tourist version of the country.

If you could only go on one holiday for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Probably Portugal.

Where in the world are you going once it's safe to do so?

Japan, Ghana or Brazil

Stills Credits:

Photographer: Till Janz

Creative Director: Kesang Ball

Producer: James Baines

1st Assistant: Okus Millsom

2nd Assistant: Tom Porter

Digi: Neil Bennett

HMU: Shirori Takahashi

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Gaffer: Jake Milsom

Stylist: Gary David Moore

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BTS Photographer: Chad Mcleann

Runner: Lucia Marty

Film Credits:

Director: Kris Rimmer

Creative Director: Kesang Ball

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DOP: Jed Darlington Roberts

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Models: Oskar Cizic & Monica Clifford

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