Introducing Roots & Ritual

In our newest podcast series, we take you on an immersive audio experience, exploring the spirited rituals, lifestyles and practices that connect cultures worldwide.

Alongside local and leading experts, Trippin’s co-founder Yasmin Shahmir and co-producer Robyn Landau, uncover the origins and delve into the science behind the traditions which have inspired our modern pursuit of physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Since time began, ritual and ceremony have provided us with some of our most cherished human experiences. Elemental and expressive customs, rooted in health take form in colourful meanings across cultures. Influencing what we now know as modern forms of wellbeing, self exploration and social bonding. But how much do we know about the roots of these practices and the cultural significance they hold?

Throughout the series we speak with Shamans, Elders, Practitioners, Scientists and Devotees to learn about the connection between ourselves and the outside world and how this connection is strengthened through ceremony and practice. We also explore how elements and principles of these ancient practices have travelled and are being embraced by people around the world today for their healing and therapeutic effects.

The first episode, Temazcal: Sweat, Song & Spiritual Rebirth, drops next week.

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Trailer Transcript

"Hello and welcome to Roots and Ritual, a brand new podcast brought to you by Trippin. Exploring the spirited practises, lifestyles and ceremonies that connect cultures around the world. Alongside local and leading experts, we're going to delve into the science behind some of these traditions which have inspired our modern pursuit of physical and spiritual well-being. Throughout the series, we'll be hearing from shamans, elders, practitioners, devotees and people that embody their practise as a way of life. We'll also explore how the elements of these ancient rituals have travelled and are being adapted to serve individuals and communities to this day. Across the series we’ll be travelling the globe from Mexico to Japan, Brazil and many more places in between, to learn about the stories behind certain traditions and how they're being used to bring about healing and a sense of connection. My name is Yasmin Shahmir. I'm your host, I'm also a co-founder of Trippin and I'm really excited to be on this journey with you all. Ever since I was introduced to spiritually focused practises around eight, nine years ago, they've become a big part of my life and through that, I've cultivated a deep appreciation of this ancient and indigenous wisdom. And to be honest with the current times that we're living through, I think there's a lot to learn by looking back to help us best move forward. You know, these cultures and traditions acknowledge the complexity and unpredictability of life and offer ways to help us rebalance, reset and restore. And most importantly, they teach us how to feel connected.

Episode one is going to be out on the 9th of March, where we'll be exploring Mexico's Temazcal tradition, the sweat lodge used for spiritual rebirth, for detoxification purification, but also to foster a kind of reconnection between self and community. We're going to be hearing from Shamana and Guardiana of a Temazcal in Mexico called Lupita Maldonado, who shares her incredible wisdom with us, as well as Robin Landau, my partner in crime and lead researcher. She’ll be giving us some context on what's happening in our bodies, our chemistry, when we engage in these kinds of practises. So, yeah, this is a Roots and Ritual, a brand new podcast brought to you by Trippin. It's going to be exciting, we're going to learn a lot. I'm looking forward to it and I hope you are, too.

Until then, stay safe, stay well and Stay Trippin."


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