Tattoos & Travelling: Nissaco

Tattoos & Travelling: Nissaco


Grace: "This week, I’m elated to introduce you to an incredible artist and tattooer who has had a massive influence to me personally; not just creatively, but with their dedication to the craft and unshakable work ethic...please meet Nissaco x"

Can you introduce yourself?

I'm a tattoo artist since 2000, when I was about 20yrs old. I used to work at the “walk-in studio” called Chopstick tattoo studio in Osaka, Japan. I remember that was when I'm 35, cops came and investigate us all until we had to close it down, and that lead me to open my private tattoo studio.

My current-style is that based from Kimono design, geometric, also some blackouts but those are pretty much client’s orders to do. But I like taking all the Japanese culture in.

What’s your earliest travel memory?

I was so not used to traveling to Europes, had snitched of my phone or wallets. Gave me a lot of stress, but those have learnt me to not face any troubles anymore and having fun on travels. I've gone to the Moscow in my previous travel.

If I was not a tattoo artist, I would have never been to Russia. It's pretty much enjoyable to travel around after I finished all my working.

How long have you been tattooing? Where did you start your tattoo journey?

This is my 20th years of career. My first journey to the world was Barcelona in Spain.

 Tattoos & Travelling: Nissaco on Trippin
 Tattoos & Travelling: Nissaco on Trippin

Would you say travel has played a part of your growth as an artist and tattooer?

For me, it was tough dealing with culture differences and of course, language conversations. But those definitely gave me a lot of opportunities to growth more and beyond. But also that doesn't mean traveling around the would grows you. I think as an artist I need to think how I can take in and how I can learn about in those countries, if not i would be just an artist who travels around.

In basics, we can all learn in just staying inside the room to keep designing and it will still grow.

What made you want to become a tattooer?

Only 25 years ago, tattoo cultures had impacted as a fashion tattoo in Japan. As I was around 10 or more years old, I got into these untouchable tattoo scene and got myself a tattoo by me on my leg. I was not thinking of being a tattoo artist, but just a guy with tattoos.

And yet soon I met Gakkin (father of young tattooer, Noko) whom was just apprentice in the studio and he helped me to join apprenticeship.

Why do you think travelling and tattooing go so well together?

As I said before, travelling and tattooing is not a common things and not relatable but keep thinking in your mind is the most important things.

But my favorite artist have told me that,

“All these buildings, part of the city, anything we see. I wonder how it will turn out in my drawings”

I was like really..?

But I guess that's right.