The Trippin Mixes, Vol. 23: Toumba



Amman-based DJ and producer Toumba melds Jordanian folk music with heavy club belters.

As a producer and sound designer, Toumba's intricate work combines the traditional folklore of the Arabian peninsula with UK club music, which he experienced while living abroad. His club-focused productions have found their way onto London labels such as All Centre, and his most recent EP, Rosefinch – named after Jordan’s national bird – launched the new imprint Hypnic Jerks. Toumba has become the latest artist to join the Hessle Audio roster too, and is releasing the new EP Petals in February this year.

Aside from producing, Toumba works as a curator at MNFA – a club and arts space in the Jordan capital. He also holds down a residency at the cultural organisation MMAG Foundation, which provides artists in the Levant with a space to exhibit their works.

Here, Toumba showcases “some of the amazing talent in the Arab world”, using his Trippin mix to highlight the diversity of the music coming out of the region. There’s an unreleased cut from DJ Plead, alongside a slew of Toumba’s own forthcoming music. Bass Belly by Cairo producer and SVBKVLT affiliate Abadir appears on the tracklist, as does producer 3Phaz, whose distinct sound operates in the space between Mahraganat and Shaabi.


DJ Plead – Louca

Toumba – Unreleased

3Phaz – Dawayer

Abadir – Bass Belly

Rozzma – Baby

Van Boom – Kafir

Toumba – Unreleased

Cheb Terro & Die Soon – Abtal Al Digital

Toumba – Unreleased

DJ Plead – Unreleased

PNGWNG – Fesh Eshi Na2sek

3Phaz – Pivot

1127 – It Never Drops

Toumba – Unreleased

Toumba – Unreleased

Big Murk – Gasolina (ft. Rknddn & Dakn)

Digit – Natfo (Krikor Remix)

Van Boom – Malebolgia

Toumba – Unreleased

Toumba – Unreleased