• Bethlehem, Palestine
Bethlehem, Palestine

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  • Heading out of Ramallah, through a lot of checkpoints, with a lot of views of illegal settlements, through mountains, through a lot of hassle and humiliation, you’ll get to the birthplace of Jesus, which is definitely a site to see in the nativity church. There is a shorter way to get there through Jerusalem, which is safer as well and doesn’t make you dizzy and sick, but it wouldn’t be called an occupation if we were able to drive on it. So if you are Palestinian you cant take that road. The old city of Beit Sahour is incredible as well. If you want something to eat and you like chicken, Qabar goes back forever; the menu is only chicken (these guys seriously don’t have any pics that’s how old school they are). You can also find the hotel that Banksy opened, with a straight-up view of the 8m high segregation wall and checkpoint. The walled-off hotel is a must-visit spot with a lot of Banksy art. Banksy visits Palestine a lot, especially Bethlehem, during your trip you will find a lot of his graffiti on the walls of the city. If you get tired of the wall blocking your view, you can go to Hosh il Yasmine; a very nice chill spot and has a lot of music events and a great view of the mountains around you. On your way to Hebron you can pass by Battir village, god’s paradise on earth.