• Hebron, Palestine
Hebron, Palestine

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  • Hebron market (souq) with its maze of alleys is definitely worth exploring. The shops and stalls sell everything from locally made pottery, glass, rugs, and embroidered items to fresh and dried fruits. The old city has plenty of archaeological sites worth visiting. In Hebron, they make everything… they literally can make anything. The old city also gives a real sense of what it feels like to be under occupation, as the old city is occupied by extremist settlers and protected by over 1500 soldiers making it a really intense environment. As you can see in the pictures, you can always notice netting on the top of everything. That is because the settlers tried to drive people out by throwing their trash on top of the people of Hebron. So instead of leaving, people put nets all over to catch the trash. It is very intense living there, this is why we always say when a Hebron person puts his mind to something, nothing will stop them. There is nothing like a Khalili head. They even recently approved a new illegal settlement to be built where the market is, so now there is an order to bulldoze the market.