Based in Berlin, Creamcake – also known as CC – are a queer and interdisciplinary collective. Through their annual event, 3hd Festival, they present works characterised by intersectional, feminist, queer and decolonial approaches.

Chosen for: Innovation and Driving Diversity.

It was 2015 when Creamcake first launched the eclectic and experimental festival 3hd, taking over venues across Berlin with an event that explored the intersection of music, performance and visual art. Each year since, the organisers have chosen a theme that allows them to question politics, identity, community and communication through experimental art forms. Take, for example, 2021’s theme, Power Play, which examined the distribution of power. Or last year’s chapter – Life, The Universe and Everything – which looked at space, the universe and the metaverse. The themes chosen are based on a current socio-cultural issue or idea, intended to both expand our consciousness and to inspire resistance against dominant power structures.

3hd Festival on Trippin 50

Since the beginning, 3hd Festival has been curated as a cross-disciplinary event. You might witness a screening or a poetry reading, a DJ set or a workshop. But what ties it all together – along with the intersectional and interdisciplinary approach – is a focus on digital cultures and the internet. In 2020, the festival even launched 3hdTV – a digital platform for video work, designed to connect audiences during the pandemic.

Soon to return in 2023, Creamcake are yet to announce this year’s theme. In the past, they’ve taken over venues like Trauma Bar und Kino. Previous guests include artist and writer Juliana Huxtable, BABYNYMPH, Safety Trance, Tianzhuo Chen and DJ Plead. By hosting a forward-thinking line-up of artists from various marginalised communities, 3hd Festival is a driver of diversity. An innovative event that’s pushing culture forward, as well as, crucially, taking digital communities offline and connecting them in person.

3hd Festival takes place across various venues in Berlin. Dates are yet to be announced.