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A Morning with John Carroll Kirby


"Morning is a time of new opportunities and a chance to set a positive tone for the rest of the day..."

This week's guest on Potato Head x Trippin 'Via Morning Ritual' was LA-based producer, pianist and composer, John Carroll Kirby, who has collaborated with the likes of Solange and Frank Ocean. In his session, he pulls us in with his spare soul-jazz and meditative new age tones. We speak to him about his creativity and how its evolved over the years, as well as how place and morning time has influenced his wellbeing and musical expression.

Where are you waking up today?

I’m waking up in my attic apartment in Mt Washington, Los Angeles, CA.

Walk us through your typical morning routine.

I typically go straight for coffee, check my messages have a lil jam then go exercise.

What does the morning mean for you?

Morning is a time of new opportunities and a chance to set a positive tone for the rest of the day.

How did you approach this project/improvisation? What were your inspirations?

These are a few selections from my new album, 'My Garden' - first, 'The Son of Pucabuefeo', about a magical Amazonian Dolphin, followed by 'San Nicholas Island', about a woman living on an island in solitude.

Watch John Carroll Kirby's Performance Here

How has your home or place in general influenced your creativity?

My place is among the trees with a great view of Downtown Los Angeles. Since the pandemic I've moved my studio into my apartment, and I love it!!!

Has there been a journey or travel experience that has greatly affected you as a person/artist?

A very memorable experience was writing my first record in a small village in Belize. The people were amazing and the local Mayan ruin, Lamanai, was very magical.

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Orchestrated by Pepper Keen


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