Amelia Dimoldenberg Shares the Nuggets

BY Yasmin

Amelia Dimoldenberg Shares the Nuggets on Trippin


Amelia Dimoldenberg, best known for her YouTube Channel Chicken Shop Dates, shares her nuggets of wisdom on the best nuggets in town.

What makes London’s chicken shops so special?

They’re a trusted symbol of our great city. Whatever area of London you find yourself in, you can always rely on a chicken shop to be just around the corner calling you in for a mouthwatering lunch or a late night drunken meal. There is no London without chicken shops.

Who’s been the most memorable chicken shop date?

It will always be Ghetts. He was the first guy I dated on the show and his charisma, big bright smile and sense of humour – calling me a cheap date to be precise – made the pilot a success. I am also now banned from that Chicken Cottage for causing a nuisance to the customers so it’s a bitter sweet fave.

Can we expect an overseas chicken shop date?

Yes most definitely – I need to get to Toronto to date Drake, he’s never got time when he’s here in London so i’ve decided to go to him. I hope there are chicken shops in the 6.

What are your earliest travel memories as a kid?

Going to Disneyland in Paris for the first time for Halloween. It was life changing – I met Captain Hook in the hotel lobby. My family are obsessed with Disney, the films and the parks. I’ve been to the one in Florida 4 times! It’s magical.

Where is your Dream Destination?

I would love to go to Tokyo. Apparently they have chicken katsu curry vending machines! I’ve always been an advocate for chicken related vending machines so I am excited to see if they are as good as they sound.

Thanks Amelia!

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Amelia Dimoldenberg Shares the Nuggets on Trippin

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