Being Queer in Paris

BY Jacqueline De Gorter

Being Queer in Paris


LGBTQ+ people are generally accepted in Paris. PDA of queer couples is generally not a problem. I find Paris to be quite a magnet for queer individuals, as myself and almost all of my friends are queer. Even if French people can be a bit judgmental of extravagant dressing, on the weekend in Le Marais you’ll notice men in heels or skirts, which might attract some side-glances, but usually doesn’t lead to any verbal or physical violence.

As mentioned before, Le Marais has a sort of alcove filled with queer bars and dance venues, but at most Marais bars you will find many queer people, even if it’s not in the aforementioned alcove.

That being said, I do have gay male friends who have experienced homophobia in neighbourhoods where men are culturally known to be quite macho, especially when the men are in groups. In these neighbourhoods, I would exercise caution and always travel in a group.

Myself and the majority of my friends are queer, so this an opinion that has come from both experiences and conversations within our community.