Chun You has become one of southwest China’s most well-loved independent festivals with a lineup of art and music that promotes Chinese artists only.

The festival takes place annually on the third weekend in April, and its name aptly translates to 'Spring Outing' in English. April is when the weather begins to warm up in Chengdu, and the surrounding natural landscape begins to bloom. Situated in the foothills of Heilongtan, Chengdu, Chun You encourages attendees to be at one with the environment, and to connect with others around them. Aside from their music and arts programming, Chun You boasts chill areas, a vinyl market and opportunities to soak in the surrounding natural landscape. They also have an impressive food village, which hosts a true Sichuan food experience in Heilongtan.

Chun You Festival is one of the finalists for Trippin 50, a cultural calendar featuring the best events around the world. Check out the Trippin 50 hub here.


Date and Location

Chun You Festival is taking place at Heilongtan Zhongtie FanMu Musical Park, Chengdu from 19 to 21 April 2024.


The average temperature is 18°C in April.


Details are yet to be announced.


Chengdu is easily accessible via public transport. Options include flights, trains, coaches and the underground system.


Chendu's city centre has a range of hotel options.


There is currently no information on accessibility.

Chun Yuo Festival  on Trippin 50
Chun Yuo Festival  on Trippin 50

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