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Havana Trippin with Sabb Adams


Sabb Adams talks us through his trip in the Cuban capital, Havana and shows us all the pictures he took along the way.

What took you to Havana?

I was interested in a photo of a car hanging inside a Cuban cafe. I thought it was a ‘vintage’ cafe but my friend convinced me it’s how Havana looks today, that was the first moment I thought of going.

How would you describe Havana to someone who’s never been?

I’d have to show them my photos for the best description. It’s like stepping back in time. If you’re thinking about going then it should be the next place you visit. Things will eventually change.

Is there anyone you met on the trip that made a lasting impression – what's the story?

Ismal’s his name. He randomly stopped me to ask for a lighter, which I didn’t have, but it eventually led to us hanging for two whole days and him allowing me to sleep at his place after a crazy party on the beach where I can confidently say I was the only non-local in attendance. My only regret is not taking my camera with me that night.

Where was your favourite place to hang in the city?

I mainly spent all my time in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana). I was staying in a place called Veradero, the architecture there is very different to Old Havana’s but it still has the same vibe.

Where’s next on your Trippin list?

I’m planning to go Manila, Philippines.

Thanks Sabb!


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