Nyege Nyege Festival

BY Sophie McNulty

Nyege Nyege


This Ugandan festival takes place at the Jinja Agricultural showground in Jinja City, a brand new site which sits by the banks of the River Nile.

The area also includes the ‘Source of the Nile’ Reptile Park, Jinja Golf Course and Nile Park. By now, for fans of experimental music and diasporic African sounds, Nyege Nyege is a world-renowned festival. The event's line-up focuses on pushing artists and performers locally in Uganda and beyond into the African continent, with only a handful of bookings from outside.

In order to keep their crowds as African-centred as their programming, they lower their price mark for Ugandan and East African residents. Aside from the music, Nyege Nyege also offer visitors the opportunity for excursions such as bungee jumps, rafting and quad biking. They also work with local vendors to deliver delicious and traditional African fare, for any foodies out there.

Nyege Nyege is one of the finalists for Trippin 50, a cultural calendar featuring the best events around the world. Check out the Trippin 50 hub here.

Nyege Nyege
Nyege Nyege  Trippin 50

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