Pheobe Lovatts talks Brooklyn

BY Yasmin

Pheobe Lovatts talks Brooklyn on Trippin


Founder of working womens club Phoebe Lovatt relocated to Brooklyn and fell in love with the vibe. She works with the likes of Nike, and Ace hotel to develop new ways of working she says, “It is about giving women the careers they want by providing the information that they need to build new lifestyles for themselves.”

Phoebe sits down to chat to Trippin about brimming with that Brooklyn vibe.

What is it about Brooklyn?

It’s hard to put into words, although countless songs have tried. There’s something deeply human about Brooklyn – the street life, music, smells, sounds, and, of course, incredibly diverse inhabitants, make it such a rich and evocative place to live. It’s not always easy living here, but it’s always worth it.

Born & raised in London, you moved to NYC 3 years ago, what inspired the move and how did life change?

I’ve been in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn for the past three years, having lived in Silver Lake in Los Angeles for three years before that. From the first time I came to Brooklyn, I knew I’d live here one day. It just felt like home. LA was more of an experiment in trying a totally new way of life – I enjoyed it, but it never felt like ‘me’ in the way Brooklyn always has done.

What should we bring to BK?

An open mind, a sense of fun and adventure, and your dancing/walking/CitiBiking shoes. Brooklyn is big and there’s so much to explore.

What should we take home?

A vintage piece from ‘Sincerely, Tommy’, shea butter and Black Seed Oil soap from all the African beauty stores on Fulton Street, and memories!

Apart from phone and passport what are your travel essentials?

Earplugs and melatonin because I’m a light sleeper, a good day bag and cool jacket, a pair of Nikes, and an insane assortment of skincare products (I travel light but my toiletries are usually out of control).

As a passionate traveller, what are your tips for getting the most out of your trips?

Don’t over-research your destination – I like to be prepared, but it’s important to have a good dose of spontaneity. Resist the urge to see new places through your iPhone camera lens and leave that thing in your bag sometimes! Don’t feel pressurised to see absolutely everything – it’s more important to be present and properly absorbed in the stuff you do manage to see/eat/drink/do.

What’s on the horizon for Phoebe?

There are so many parts of the world that I’m yet to explore, so I’m trying to figure out how I can fit them all in! Work-wise, I’m developing a couple of new projects in the publishing and podcast realms. Travel-wise, I’m hoping to hit up Japan, Brazil, Sicily, and Cuba before the year is done. Wish me luck :)