Police in Jamaica: What's the Stance?

BY Gina Hargitay

Police in Jamaica: What's the Stance?


As a whole, the police in Jamaica are friendly and helpful. So long as you’re respectful, they will be too, and they are generally very welcoming of foreigners.

Like in many countries, police in Jamaica are underpaid and overworked. As a result, it is not uncommon that they would accept a bribe to get out of a speeding ticket or some other such misdemeanour. However, the police themselves are not the ones who initiate this, and tend to uphold the law, especially in the presence of tourists. Should you break the law, you will be held accountable, but it is unlikely that you will be specifically or unjustly targeted by a police officer.

Most encounters with the police happen whilst driving. As well as strict policing of speed, random stops and searches can occur. This is no cause for alarm. Provided you show respect, have the appropriate documentation for yourself and your vehicle, and have not committed a crime, you will most likely be sent on your way without an issue.