Sandbox Festival

Sandbox Festival Egypt Red Sea


Known as the largest electronic music festival in Egypt, Sandbox is a three-day open-air rave held across the Red Sea Coast, in El Gouna.

Since its inception in 2012, Sandbox Festival has become a landmark event for electronic music enthusiasts both locally and internationally. What sets Sandbox apart is its enchanting Red Sea locale, offering festival-goers a chance to dance on sandy beaches under starlit skies. This location is a significant aspect of the festival, offering a distinct beachside festival experience that is rare in the region.

Its lineup is a curated mix of global electronic music stars and local talent. Past performers have included Avalon Emerson, Kamaal Williams, Paramida and Sama’ Abdulhadi, alongside the likes of Cairo-born, Barcelona-based selector Ramez Naguib, local artist Sebzz and Hisham Zahran. While the festival primarily focuses on electronic music, it also offers a range of side activities and experiences that complement its beachside setting such as yoga sessions, water sports and cultural workshops.

Sandbox Festival is one of the finalists for Trippin 50, a cultural calendar featuring the best events around the world. Check out the Trippin 50 hub here.

The Best Events in 2024: Sandbox Festival  - Trippin 50


Details of the 2024 edition are yet to be announced.


For its 2023 edition, a festival pass was sold for 137€. Tickets for this year are yet to be put on sale.


The festival typically occurs in May, during a period of warm, sunny weather, ideal for outdoor beachside events. Daytime temperatures in El Gouna around the festival period average around 28°C.


El Gouna is accessible via various transportation modes, including shuttles from Hurghada International Airport. Within the town, attendees can use local taxis and buses as well as rent scooters and bicycles.


A variety of accommodation options are available in El Gouna, ranging from luxury resorts to budget-friendly hotels, catering to the different needs of festival-goers.


The festival's official website does not currently provide specific information regarding accessibility accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

The Best Events in 2024: Sandbox Festival  - Trippin 50
The Best Events in 2024: Sandbox Festival  - Trippin 50

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