Having presented more than 15 editions, São Paulo International Art Festival – otherwise known as SP-Arte – platforms the most innovative artists with a focus on introducing homegrown talent to a global audience.

Chosen for: Preserving Culture and Driving Diversity.

Over the years, a number of fairs have cropped up in Latin America dedicating themselves to promoting underrepresented artists, but SP–Arte has become renowned for driving Brazilian artists and designers forward into the international market.

Since its launch back in 2005, SP–Arte has become a highlight of Latin America’s contemporary art circuit. Every year in March, the centre of São Paulo is transformed as artists, collectors, visitors and gallerists flock to the city. Over the course of the fair, more than 2,000 artists are represented within the walls of the historical Oscar Niemeyer-designed pavilion.

What makes SP–Arte stand apart from the rest is the range of mediums showcased. Visitors can experience large-scale paintings, sculptures, mixed media pieces and photographs by rising and established artists. More recently, SP–Arte founder Fernanda Feitosa made it her mission to start a dialogue that better communicates the link between art and design in Brazil, blurring the boundaries between the two worlds. The fair is evolving at an impressive rate, attracting an increasing number of young, independent designers, and in turn playing a part in diversifying the art and design landscape. Alongside the exhibition, there’s an engaging programme of art performances, tours, talks and book launches.

SP-Arte runs takes place at the Oscar Niemeyer Biennial Pavilion, on 29 March to April 2023.

São Paulo International Art Festival Trippin 50
São Paulo International Art Festival Trippin 50