The Lowdown on Drugs in Mexico City

BY Dimitri Voulg

The Lowdown on Drugs in Mexico City
Photo by Sandra Blow


Assure quality!

Drugs are present in Mexico City’s youth culture, however, it wasn’t until the last five years that cartel insertion into parties became normalised. Today, you get offered drugs at basically any club or party whenever you go to the restroom. “Algo para tu fiesta” (something for your party) is the code they use. For quality, you should buy drugs ahead of time through someone you know. Hide them well inside your socks or underwear, as security check pockets, purses, and wallets. Be very discreet when taking drugs in bathroom stalls, since cartels have dealers making sure you only consume their stuff. If they catch you taking others, they might (violently) remove them from you and make you rebuy from them. It didn’t used to be like this, but now it’s fucked up. Buying from them guarantees the shittest quality, so be cautious as to not get yours taken away.

Now for everything you need to know. The most common drug is weed. You can find national weed or stronger alternatives imported from the USA. Party drugs are usually MDMA, LSD, 2C-B, and cocaine. You can find good MDMA for 500 MXN per gram (25 USD). For good cocaine, you should at least pay 50-100 USD, anything less than that will not guarantee quality. It’s worth noting that coke is a polarising subject; the violence and blood linked to cocaine has had a huge impact on the country which shouldn’t be overlooked, and using it might not be welcome in certain circles. Ketamine can be found in niche groups but is not as easy to buy; you can purchase in liquid form and cook yourself to assure pureness, but Indian-brought will be stronger. Mushrooms are very popular for both spiritual and recreational purposes, especially at festivals in chocolate form. Drugs that are hard to find here include speed, GHB, and 3-MMC. For a spiritual overnight ayahuasca or peyote retreat, you should go with a group that has been previously recommended to you, as there are charlatans out there!

Remember, be cautious when using any type of narcotic, especially if it’s your first time. Hydrate and be careful when mixing with alcohol. Watch out for your friends, and have them look after you as well. But, overall, have fun!