• Currency

    Mexican Peso (MXN)

  • Language(s)

    Spanish, Castilian

  • Location

    19.43261, -99.13321

  • Weather


Mexico City is a labyrinth of architectural gems – look up to spot towering brutalist structures and art deco apartments and straight ahead for sidewalk taquerias serving quick bites dripping with flavour. The constant stir of mariachi bands, chaotic traffic and that familiar drone that emanates from speakers atop flatbed trucks asking for scrap metal and white goods, make up the soundtrack of the city. 

It’s a city so sure of its brilliance yet quiet in its confidence, promising to challenge your preconceptions and reveal itself in unexpected ways. With a thriving queer scene helmed by locals, a growing art movement and a constantly evolving, always exciting food culture offering new takes on Mexican traditions, CDMX is a hotbed for creativity and has risen to the top of everyone’s travel list in recent years. Surrounded by mountains and pre-hispanic villages, don’t fall into the stereotypical trap of bouncing between the tree-lined streets of Roma and Condesa, CDMX is a megacity that offers so much more than what sits within its gentrified hoods.

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